Visit and Tasting: STOFFEL chocolate factory

Daniel STOFFEL chocolate factory in Ribeauvillé

Stoffel chocolate factory : From childhood, Daniel Stoffel showed a certain attraction for crafts. He passed his Master’s Certificate and became a Master Chocolatier. From then on, he made his own chocolate in his cellar, helped by his wife, Marie.



Chocolate: a passion passed down from generation to generation. In love with their profession, the parents made their children want to create emotion, to titillate the taste buds and to continue this beautiful story while chocolate.






Exclusive recipes, carefully chosen chocolate and meticulous work in our Alsatian workshops. Sense of detail, mastery in the assembly of tastes and materials, our chocolate makers excel in the Art of creativity & skill. Incomparable chocolates, without preservatives or coloring.




Discover the chocolate factory of the Daniel Stoffel ” vineyard in Ribeauvillé with our “Alsace Rêve” offer 4 = 5.